Friday, May 20, 2016

The Smith Boys Share Their Story

Our 7-year-old and 9-year-old brothers, Luke and Jake, made sure their school felt very involved in their trip to Kenya!   Their 2nd grade and 4th grade classrooms at Oak Knoll collected some backpacks that were given to the students at Achungo.

And on return, Jake and Luke shared via video their experience with the entire school.   (These are Luke's notes for the talk).

But that's not all!   Their work at the school came to the attention of the local online news (Menlo Park Almanac).     And that attracted the attention of local TV station KTVU who did a 30-second news spot on it!!   I've just got to get these kids doing my marketing!!!

Click here to view the KTVU News Spot

The Team on the Trip

Here is the team at our Nairobi hotel, getting ready for the van ride to the Masai Mara and our safari!

In the back row:  Vielka, Paul, Jen, Nate and Gary.
Front tow:  Candy, Jake, Luke, Monte

Next stop:  safari for 2 days

Then a full week at the school with our orphans.  Maybe even helping teach?

And whatever else comes up!

Including facepainting--something these kids have never seen before!

Here Paul meets some of the neighborhood kids:

Jen with Jake and Luke helping organize the library with all the books we've brought out in our luggage over the years.

Funding the Trip

These enterprising boys (and family) raised a lot of their funds for the trip to Kenya and their lemonade stands were key.   Jake and Luke raised hundreds of dollars in a day!   Of course I think they also recruited their cute, 4-year-old brothers to help and let everyone know the purpose of the trip was to work with orphans in Kenya.  Yes, that definitely helped!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preparing for the Big Trip

Our team is modest in size and I'm not just talking about Jake and Luke our 9- and 7-year-olds (Jake is pictured here at the right with his younger brothers in front of him.  They'll have to wait for the next trip!)

I'll post a full team picture as soon as I have one, but this shows the Smith family (Nate and Jen with their boys) at one of our prep meetings.  Also going are 2 women: Vielka and Candy, and 3 guys: Paul, Gary and Monte.

Jen organized her entire mothers' group (Mothers Together at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church) to purchase backpacks for the orphans and fill them with school supplies.  Here they are finishing preparing the backpacks and praying for the children.   They were a wonderful gift for all our students!

Let the adventure begin!!